Production and quality
Production and quality
Selection of the most reliable suppliers

We always stand behind the quality and choose our suppliers of raw materials as thoroughly as possible, opting only for the companies with certificates for delivery to the EU countries. Therefore, our seafood is made from the most natural fresh ingredients and prepared according to the unique recipes.

Transportation control

We provide strict control along the whole round of transportation of fish and seafood from suppliers, regardless of the distance, that usually covers thousands of kilometers.

Quality control

All products are subjected to incoming inspection in our own certified laboratory. Quality evaluations include organoleptic, physical, chemical, and microbiological testing. The quality procedures are implemented according to HACCP standards.

Production control

Strict control is carried out at each stage of production: filleting, pasteurization, brine salting and packaging. Particular attention is paid to the strict sanitary regime: every eight hours our specialists carry out quality inspections of raw materials and finished goods, as well as thorough checkout of microbial attributes within the production area.

Tаsting and store demonstration control

Before launching new products or modifying new formula our experts taste all the existing items. It helps us to maintain the stability of high taste of seafood and quality of all the ingredients.

Storage safety

To ensure high quality of the products we keep strict temperature regime and humidity level at our production cold store.

Logistics and distribution

Finished products under "Vodniy mir" brand are carefully transported to the local retail chains. Maintaining the quality of our products in transit is a top priority for us. Thus, we have special trucks equipped with powerful refrigeration equipment capable of ensuring any pre-set on board temperature and humidity level.

Product quality certificates
Certificate ISO 9001-2008
2014- 2017 years
Certificate ISO 22000-2005
2014-2017 years
Certificate ISO 22000-2005
2017-2020 years

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